Akron Ale Fest Featured Brewery: Lockport Brewery

Who are you and what is your role at the brewery?

I'm Andrew and I'm the co-founder and brewer at Lockport Brewery.

Where did the idea for your logo come from?

We worked with a friend, fresh out of the Columbus College of Art & Design, to put our logo together. We like simple design with bold contrasts so we stick to the basics on that.

What is your favorite seasonal beer that's been released at your brewery lately?

We're a little late in the season but we released a Kölsch recently and we think it's pretty good. Look for it at the Akron Ale Fest this weekend!

What is your favorite thing in your brewery? 

In our taproom, we have the "Record Wall." Aptly named, it a large wall with 5 rows of vinyl records, all available for play on our turntable. We have everything from David Bowie and Led Zeppelin to The Black Keys and Wu Tang Clan. 

What is your most recent milestone?

Six months open! That may not seem like a big deal but at this time last year there were real doubts we'd ever see that day.

What is your next major goal for the brewery?

With the installation of 50% more cellar capacity in a few weeks, we want to be able to branch out into some other beer styles, especially ones that need a little extra time in the tank to get just right...like lagers. Up until now, that hasn't been feasible with demand. 

Lion, wolf, or dragon who will win and why?

I think the dragon is the clear winner here because, unlike lions and wolves, dragons can fly and breathe fire. Basic science, man.