Akron Ale Fest Featured DJ: DJ El Prezidente

Who are you and how did you come up with your DJ name?

I am DJ El Prezidente my name was given to me back when I and some friends put together a hip hop record label and it has stuck with me since then.

Where did the idea for your logo come from?

The idea for my logo came from N.E Ohio graffiti legend John Skyline Davison. He designed it incorporating music via the turntable and record as well as royalty depicted in the usage of a crown.

What is your favorite seasonal beer?

I don't know if you want to print this but I don't drink.

What is your favorite piece of equipment in your setup?

My favorite piece or should I say pieces would be the records I collect interesting enough I have never counted them or put them in alphabetical order.

What is your most recent milestone?

My most recent milestone would be the 4 year anniversary of the Mighty Soul Night which is actually this month (August).

What is your next major goal for your business?

My next major goal will be to secure a opportunity that will allow for me to be able to book musical groups as well as touring DJs. I know a lot of pretty good funk/soul bands with music out most of which have never played in NE Ohio. I would also lime to be able to present music based documentaries.

Lion, wolf, or dragon who will win and why?

Well since I am a Leo I would have to say...Lion!