Akron Ale Fest Featured Crafter: Champaign Paper

Who are you and what is your role at your business?

Elisabeth & Shaun Mueller.  We co-own, design, and make all of our stationery products. 

Where did the idea for your logo come from?

Elisabeth just started sketching different designs.  We love nature and the outdoors, so the trees and mountains seemed like a natural fit for us.

What is your favorite seasonal beer?

Shaun - Probably Bell's Winter Ale.

What is your favorite tool you use to create your goods?

Elisabeth - Micron Pens!

What is your most recent milestone?

This year we were picked up by our 60th retail shop.  We are now in over 60 stores across 18 states and Canada.

What is your next major goal for your business?

We plan to expand our product line and increase our retail footprint, especially on the West Coast.

Lion, wolf, or dragon who will win and why?

We think the wolf and the dragon are going to team up to destroy the lion.