Akron Ale Fest Featured Crafter: The Bom

Who are you and what is your role at your business?

I'm an Art Teacher, by profession, & the founder of 'The Bom Parties'.

Where did the idea for your logo come from?

Our daughter, Julia Martin, http://www.theplaidpony.com/Home.html is an Artist & Graphic Designer by profession. theplaidpony@gmail.com

What is your favorite seasonal beer?

Christmas Ale is the bom!

What is your favorite tool you use to create your goods?

Our hands are our best tools!

What is your most recent milestone?

We have Reps in other states who do our Chocolate Truffle Making Parties for us, amazing!

What is your next major goal for your business?

We are now gathering interested & efficient folks who would like to some extra money by producing qualified leads to book parties for us.  Since I'm an Art Teacher by profession, in addition to our wildly popular Chocolate Truffle Making Parties, these Reps may also earn money by producing qualified leads on any of our Art Parties, including Wine Glass Painting, Pallet Sign Painting, Fresh Flower Arranging, Matisse Painting, etc. etc. etc.

Lion, wolf, or dragon who will win and why?

Wolf, they travel in packs.