Akron Ale Fest Featured Brewery: Canton Brewing Company

Who are you and what is your role at the brewery?

My name is Jordan Pitzer, and I am the marketing and sales rep for Canton Brewing Company

Where did the idea for your logo come from?

The idea for our logo was based off of an old tap handle from when the original Canton Brewing Company was established over 100 years ago. Below is an image of what that tap handle looked like:

What is your favorite seasonal beer that's been released at your brewery lately?

It was not been released just yet this year, but is due to be on tap next week – Gold Jacket. Gold Jacket is our Olde English E.S.B. that is aged in whisky barrels – this year we got our hands on some fresh Buffalo Trace barrels. It has extremely popular and has become sort of a tradition for Hall of Fame week in Canton (hence the name Gold Jacket), and is one that people look forward to having during that time.

What is your favorite thing in your brewery?

It’s tough to pick just one thing that sticks out among the rest at our place. A lot of the pieces on display at Canton Brewing are from the time period when the original brewery was in operation. The owner, Dave, is a collector and has many things that have such a unique story/significance to Canton’s history. Also, the overall aesthetic of our facility supplements the rich history Canton and was intended to resemble the look and feel of the pre-prohibition era.

What is your most recent milestone?

Since the time that original plans were drawn up to now, we have been around for about 3 years now, and looking back we’ve definitely come a long way since then! We still have a long ways to go, but I’m excited to see what another 3 years of progress will look like!

What is your next major goal for the brewery?

For us, like many other newer craft breweries that don’t already do so, the next big step would be to take on packaging our beers in bottles and/or cans.

Lion, wolf, or dragon who will win and why?

Dragon – because it can fly and spit fire from a safe distance.