Meet the Brewery: The Phoenix Brewing Company

This five barrel brewery in downtown Mansfield is a great reason to make a trip there! My current favorite beer from Phoenix is the FerrymanMake sure to get your ticket to the Akron Ale Fest in order to get to check out breweries like his first hand!

Who are you and what is your role at the brewery?

I'm Duncan. I am the head brewer at The Phoenix Brewing Company.

What is the name of your brewery and how did it come about?

The Phoenix Brewing Company is a play on the mythos of the phoenix. We are located in the original pre-prohibition brewery district, so it is a sort of resurrection of the brewery district.

What is your favorite beer that's been released at your brewery?

The Santa Muerte Imperial Spiced Chocolate Stout. It's a fan favorite and it tapped in under two hours at Winter Warmer fest!

What is your favorite thing in your brewery?

Charles, our resident ghost. He shot himself in 1932 and he's been here ever since. We even had a team of paranormal investigators come out to the brewery to check him out turns out he doesn't like beer that much but he's still friendly. We even put a skeleton out for Halloween and name it Charles in his honor!

What is your most recent milestone?

Definitely our two year anniversary.

What is your next major goal for the brewery?

Getting the 15 barrel system installed and running.

Bear vs. Shark who would win and why?

Bear, it has legs, duh!

Drink of choice? (this doesn't have to be one of your beers but it can be)

I stick mostly to the season rotation, but I'm gravitation towards lighter styles lately, like our new Pilsner.