Meet the Brewery: Mucky Duck Brewing Company

Mucky Duck started as a side project for the owners of Nauti Vine, but has quickly turned into a new brewery! They opened their doors on April 21st right on Portage Lakes. I'm loving that chill little duck, now that it's summer I may just have to kick back and join him.


Who are you and what is your role at the brewery?

We are Erica and Joe Wathey, owners of the Mucky Duck Brew Pub.

What is the name of your brewery and how did it come about?

Soon after we opened the Nauti Vine Winery in 2013, we realized we needed to serve beer to be more inclusive.  We thought, "why not brew our own?"  Because the Nauti Vine is located right on the Portage Lakes, we decided to go with a lake theme.  There are ducks all over the place.  They even followed us across the street when we opened the brew pub in April.  Check out this guy:

What is your favorite beer that's been released at your brewery?

Erica:  Our Honey Lager, called Schmuckster.  

Joe:  Our Bourbon Barrel Oak Aged Ale, which we call. IFO.  We learned that's how our friends from Kentucky refer to us.....IFOs, or Idiots from Ohio

What is your favorite thing in your brewery?

Erica:  Joe's a motor-head, so we have an antique car theme.  I love this old pink cadillac bumper with working headlights: 

Joe:  I love my four large screen TV's, since Erica wouldn't allow any at the winery.  

What is your most recent milestone?

Getting the doors to the Brew Pub open on April 21, 2016.

What is your next major goal for the brewery?

Wholesale distribution.

Bear vs. Shark who would win and why?

We had a fun discussion on this question. 

Undoubtedly the shark. 

Because the bear just don't care:  

Drink of choice? (this doesn't have to be one of your beers but it can be)

Joe:  I love Nauti Vine's Chardonnay, Vino Amore.  

Erica:  I have a serious sweet tooth, and I can't get enough of the Mucky Duck's Oatmeal Stout Ice Cream float.