Meet the Maker: Whiskerr Oil

The Akron Ale Fest is fast approaching and there is still more wonderful makers for you to meet. Today meet Whiskerr Oil and how they can keep your beard stay in tip top shape. 

Who are you and what is your business?

My name is Matthew Beaton and I am the owner of Waffen Der Whiskerr Oil (German for Weapon of the Whiskers).  Whiskerr oil is a natural blend of oil used to moisturizer, condition and maintain beard hair, and the hair on your head. It is also a great skin moisturizer. 


How do you do it?

I source all the ingredients, bottles and labels form companies in northeast Ohio, blend all the oils together, bottle them, add the fragrance and put the labels on in the basement of my house.


What do you have that is new this year?

This year I have added merchandise such as t-shirts, small patches and large back patches. Also I have added a 10 blend of oil I call the forbidden forest.

Do you have a recent milestone?

Being done with the investment pet of the company and now seeing it actually yield a profit.


What are your current goals?

To continue to grow the company, and turn it from a part time thing into doing this full time.


What inspires you?

I know two other companies I my industry that have quit their normal jobs to go full time with their own companies.


What drives you?

My Subaru..... Lol all joking aside, knowing I own my own business keeps me going, and the hopes to make it a full time thing pushes me hard to get out there and make it happen. Dreams are nothing without taking action!


Why are you excited for The Akron Ale Fest?

I have never been to an ale fest, and it is stepping out side of my normal market. So I am excited yet nervous to see how it turns out.


Bear v. Shark who would win?

A bear all the way!!! A bear can swim in the water but a shark can not walk on land