Meet the Brewery: Ohio Brewing Company

Ohio Brewing Company just recently opened a must-visit brewpub in Highland Square, but did you know they've actually been brewing for almost twenty years?! I had the pleasure of checking out their brew/keg system, and can't wait to see what they're up to next! My current favorite is Double Irish Red! Make sure to get your ticket to the Akron Ale Fest in order to get to check out breweries like his first hand!

Who are you and what is your role at the brewery?

I'm Chris Verich and I'm the owner and Brewing Operations Manager of Ohio Brewing Company.

What is the name of your brewery and how did it come about?

Ohio Brewing Company. I founded the company in 1997 in Niles, Ohio and moved it to Akron 2008. Ohio Brewing just opened our new brewpub in Highland Square in West Akron this March.

What is your favorite beer that's been released at your brewery?

Don't have one favorite. Depends on my mood. This week it's our O'Hoppy Ale IPA.

What is your favorite thing in your brewery? 

Ohio Brewing has had such a roller coaster history I would say our beers like Verich Gold and Maple Porter that's been supported by our fans for almost 20 years are my favorite thing. We are a product of our patrons and fans who have always supported us.

What is your most recent milestone?

We just opened up our new brewpub in Highland Square and are close to 20 years [!!!] since we first opened up in Niles, Ohio.

What is your next major goal for the brewery?

Widen our distribution area and open up our new production brewery by next year.

Bear vs. Shark who would win and why?

Probably bears since they are at home on both land and in the water.

Drink of choice? (this doesn't have to be one of your beers but it can be)

The next beer!