Meet the Maker: Wright and Rede

In addition to expertly crafted leather products Wright and Rede also writes a blog that is informative and inspirational. His products are another fine pairing for The Akron Ale Fest. Make sure to get your ticket to the Akron Ale Fest in order to get to check out breweries like his first hand!

Who are you and what is your business?

 My name is Jordan Lee. I am the owner of Wright and Rede.


How do you do it?

 I use 18th century trade techniques and apply them to a modern aesthetic. I work entirely by hand and by hand I don't mean I use them when pushing something into a machine. I've got calluses.


What do you have that is new this year?

 I am currently working on a new line of wallets, a few new pocket knife designs, and an ultra secret collaboration is in the works.

Do you have a recent milestone?

 I work from home while taking care of my one year old. He is still alive. I'm still alive. The business is still alive.


What are your current goals?

 I'm slowly redirecting my entire business. I've expanded on the leather goods line and now work in other mediums as well. I'm also growing my online presence and retail placements.


What drives you?

 I want to set an example for my son. You don't have to be what you are told to be. You can make your own way. It's not always easy but it can get done if you keep at it.

Why are you excited for The Akron Ale Fest?

 Beer is cool? Just kidding. I've been a part of Crafty Mart since I started my business and I am excited to get a chance to help give back and provide this great venue a chance to grow.


How would you go about world domination?

 I'd make a carefully detailed list with bullet points. Then I'd lay awake all night worrying about being the right person for the job and if I had forgotten anything. I'd then spend a lot of time stressing out about it. Maybe I'd pick out a fancy generalissimo outfit or two. I'd spend a little too much money on a pack of cybernetic murder wallabies. Finally I'd decide that it wasn't worth it all and go back to my old job a little wiser and with a good story or two.


Drink of choice?