Meet the Maker: Mrs. Miller Time

Mrs. Miller Time is definitely someone you will want to check out June 25th during the Akron Ale Fest. Her etchings could add the extra bit of class to your home bar or even your home brew. Make sure to get your ticket to the Akron Ale Fest in order to get to check out breweries like his first hand!

Who are you and what is your business?

   My name is Beth Miller and I etch all sorts of glassware.  I started etching beer bottles for my husbands brew and it grew from there. 

 How do you do it?

   My father has a sandblasting set up in his basement to clean model train track.  When he heard I was interested in glass etching he helped me modify what he had so we could etch.  I've been etching there ever since.

 What do you have that is new this year?

   I'm going to try to etch stainless steel for the first time and offer bottle cap openers! 

Do you have a recent milestone?

   I gave birth to my second child in March and everyone is still alive!  I don't know about milestone but I'm pretty darn proud of myself =)


What are your current goals?

   I'd really like to see where this glass etching thing will take me.  I strive to be with my family while expressing myself creatively and putting food on the table.


What inspires you?

   I think it be better to ask what doesn't inspire me.  Life is inspiration, it's everywhere you look if you choose to see it. 


What drives you?

   My family.  Everything I do is for them.  And a desire to create.  

Why are you excited for The Akron Ale Fest?

Beer and great people, what more could you want?!  


Bear v. Shark who would win?

   Bear.  Bear proofing your campsite is not to be taken lightly. I have yet to shark proof a campsite…


Drink of choice?

   Whatever my husband brews!

In addition to her product line, Beth also does custom orders so if you have an idea for something let her know!