Meet the Maker: The Robot Consortium

We are excited to introduce to you the talented artisans that will be part of The Akron Ale Fest on June 25th, 2016. We know them pretty well, but now it's your chance to learn more about what makes them special before the big event! Make sure to get your ticket to the Akron Ale Fest in order to get to check out breweries like his first hand!

Our first spotlight features Pat from The Robot Consortium and his wonderful wooden robots.

Who are you and what is your business?

I'm the Robot guy, aka Pat Gerber.  I make wooden robots from discarded hardwoods. 

How do you do it?

With power tools baby! Arrrggg! 

What do you have that is new this year?

The Ziggy Stardust robot is new and I'm excited about some live edge tables that I'll be making. Also I'll have growler and six pack carriers exclusively for Ale Fest! 

Ziggy Stardust Robot

Ziggy Stardust Robot

What is your favorite “thing”?

Excluding my family? Tools! I love tools and my car.

What are your current goals?

To work at my regular job less and build my business.   

What inspires you?

Pretty much anything and everything— current events, people and nature. 

 What drives you?

I have an insane desire to constantly make stuff. That, and I really want to work for myself and build something to pass on to my family. 

Godzilla & Viking Robots

Godzilla & Viking Robots

Why are you excited for The Akron Ale Fest?

 I pumped to be part of the inaugural show, I think this will become a premier event in Akron.  

 How would you go about world domination?

I'd call Pinky and the Brain, they usually have solid plans. 

Drink of choice?

Water, coffee, Craft beer and a good whiskey. In that order. 

Pat is always working on new robots and also accepts one-of-a-kind commissions. See his work and more June 25th at the Akron Ale Fest.